The Master in Management specialised in Financial Analysis and Audit aims at training future executives and leaders for companies and organisations, who are specialised in activities related to internal as well as external monitoring. With a cross-disciplinary and comprehensive view of the various activities and functions within companies, these specialists master the accounting, financial, auditing and legal techniques that are necessary to adequately comprehend the risks that companies are faced with every day. They can evaluate their importance within each organisation's specific the competitive... READ MORE
  • Degree Masters
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 24 months
  • Start Date Jan, Feb, Aug
  • Tuition Fees 1,670 EUR
Modules (40)
  • Labour Law
  • Entrepreneurship (english language)
  • International Strategy (english language)
  • Management Information Systems (english language)
  • Development of managerial skills
  • Quantitative Methods in Management (english language)
  • Strategic Marketing (english language)
  • Valuation and Capital Budgeting (english language)
  • Change Management (english language)
  • Sustainable strategy in a multi-polar world (english la...
  • Final Work
  • Optional Units:German 4
  • Advanced German 4
  • Spanish 4
  • Advanced Spanish 4
  • Italian 4
  • Advanced Italian 4
  • Dutch 4
  • Advanced Dutch 4
  • Elementary German 1
  • Elementary Spanish 1
  • Elementary Dutch 1
  • French beginner level 1
  • German 5
  • Advanced German 5
  • Spanish 5
  • Advanced Spanish 5
  • Italian 5
  • Advanced Italian 5
  • Dutch 5
  • Advanced Dutch 5
  • Elementary German 2
  • Elementary Spanish 2
  • Elementary Dutch 2
  • French beginner level 2
  • English for Entrepreneurs
  • Marketing and Strategic Intelligence Specialization Uni...
  • Business Analytics (english language)
  • Digital Marketing Essentials (english language)
  • Introduction to Strategic Intelligence (english languag...
Entry requirements
  • Other : Admission of students from a Member State of the European Union (outside Belgium) to 1st year studies
    Admission to study programmes :
    If you are a citizen of a Member State of the European Union, you do not have to submit a full application file in order to register for courses in a 1st year bachelor's programme. You are automatically qualified to register.
    Nonetheless, you must still meet the following conditions:
    - You must not have failed previously at the same level in the same subject as the one you are trying to be admitted for. In such a case a third registration has to be for another subject area. A further failure would mandate exclusion from registering at the university in any subject area for a period of five years.
    Note: failure or non-appearance at a competitive examination in a subject area, or failure in a preparatory year devoted to a subject area, are considered cases of failure in that subject area.
    - You must hold a certificate that is recognised as conferring the right to be admitted to first-cycle university studies in the French-speaking Community of Belgium. That is to say: either a certificate of higher secondary education (C.E.S.S.) awarded by a Belgian school, or a decision regarding C.E.S.S. equivalency issued by the French-speaking Community of Belgium, or a European baccalaureate issued by the high council of the European School, or an international baccalaureate issued by the Office of international baccalaureates in Geneva.
    Failing that, you must produce an attestation of successful completion of an admissions examination for the 1st cycle of university studies or the 1st cycle of applied sciences (if you are applying for the 1st cycle of bachelor's level studies in civil engineering).
    Further, if you are an applicant to programmes of study in veterinary medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, logopedy, medicine and dental sciences, you should know that there is a yearly quota for non-resident students in these areas that is determined before classes begin.
    How to register :
    You may appear in person at the office of the Registration Service (ground floor of the central building, Place du 20-Août, 9, B-4000 Liège), bringing with you the following documents :
    your identity card or passport
    a certified copy of your secondary school diploma (baccalaureate)
    your permission to register for university studies (usually, a letter granting C.E.S.S. equivalency to your diploma, issued by the Ministry of the French-speaking Community)
    official documentation of your activities or studies for the 5 years preceding admission, unless this period is covered by the studies leading to your most recent diploma
    Further, if any of your diplomas were granted by schools in which the language of instruction was not French, you must successfully pass an examination to demonstrate your mastery of the French language before your first regular examination period as a student at the university

    Admission for students who are citizens of a country outside the European Union to first-cycle studies:

    For any admission in 1st year of bachelor, you must :
    1) check if you meet the admission requirements (see below);
    2) transmit to the Admissions Department the printed version of the on line form duly scompleted together with the necessary official documents;
    3) pay a deposit. To know the terms of payment of this deposit, please send an email to “admission@” by specifying your name and the number of your on line form.
    Warning statement : before paying, we advise you to check if you meet the established academic conditions. Indeed, in case of refusal of admission, your deposit of 200 € will be lost.
    (1) For non-resident students who wish to be registered in veterinary medicine, physiotherapy, speech therapy, medical or dental sciences : no deadline at April 30, the files must be deposed in person, at the end of August, in Liege.
    Admissions requirements for the academic year 2015-2016
    In accordance with the basic jurisprudence established by all juries, the University of Liège only admits students from countries outside the European Union to first-cycle bachelor's studies under the following conditions:
    1) You must have received your diploma for secondary studies (baccalaureate, State diploma) in 2013 or in 2014(2) with a mention of 13/20 and a minimum grade of 12/20 in the subjects that are part of the intended subject area. That is to say:
    Faculty of Medicine, of Veterinary Medicine, Sciences and Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech : 12/20 in mathematics, physics, chemistry and natural science
    Faculty of Applied Sciences : 12/20 in mathematics, physics and chemistry
    Faculty of Law : 12/20 in french and mathematics
    Social Sciences : 12/20 in french, mathematics, history and languages
    Faculty of HEC Management School-ULg : 12/20 in french, mathematics and english
    Faculty of Psychology or Education : 12/20 in french, mathematics, natural science, history and languages
    Faculty of Philosophy and Letters : 12/20 in french, history and languages
    (2) For non-resident students who wish to enroll in veterinary medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, speech therapy, medicine or dentistry : it is possible to get a diploma in 2015.
    2) You must not have failed more than one year in a foreign higher education institution.
    3) If you completed your studies in Belgium, your last result must be a passing result.
    4) You must possess the legal right to be admitted to the ter cycle of university studies in the French-speaking Community of Belgium, either by obtaining from the Ministry of the French-speaking Community a judgment of equivalency between your diploma for secondary studies and the corresponding Belgian diploma (and possibly, by passing such complementary examinations as may be required, or by passing the admissions entrance examination for the first cycle of university studies. In order to be admitted to civil engineering studies or to the civil engineer/architect programme, you must pass the admissions examination for the first cycle of studies in applied sciences.
    Warning : we inform you that your deposit will be lost if you do not obtain a legal title of access allowing you to register to the studies requested (restrictive equivalence, failure with the examination of admission, failure to the examination of admission in engineering).
    5) If the diploma you received at the end of your secondary studies was not issued by a school in which French was the language of instruction, you must include with your admissions file, official proof of your knowledge of French. Knowledge equivalent to level B2 in terms of the European reference framework is required. Proficiency at this level is established by an attestation of your successfully passing a standardised test (DALF, DELF, TEF ou TCF).However, this test does not replace the Examination to prove mastery of the French language , and non-francophone students admitted to the first cycle are still required to pass that examination.
    6) You must provide us with your plan to pay for your schooling (official proof of financial resources required), demonstrating sufficient financial resources to pay your expenses while studying in Belgium.
    7) Remember: programmes in veterinary medicine, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, speech and language therapy, engineering sciences, medical and dental sciences have additional admission requirements pertaining only to those programmes.
    Conditions under which your application may be rejected
    No admission decision will be rendered in cases of incomplete application files, missed deadlines, or submission of documents ithat do not meet standardised academic criteria as required.
    The University of Liège reserves the right to demand presentation of original diplomas and grade reports as part of the framework of the registration process.
    School authorities will verify the authenticity of declarations and documents submitted. If there is any doubt, additional information and/or documentation may be required. Any submission of counterfeited documents will be reported to all institutions concerned, and will entail automatic cancellation of registration.
  • Degree Masters
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 24 months
  • Start Date Jan, Feb, Aug
  • Tuition Fees 1,670 EUR