The Master of Science in Marketing Analysis is a one-year full-time study (or two-year part-time study) about predictive analytics for analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM)/Business Intelligence topics in English covering data-mining techniques. More specifically, the study mainly focuses on: Analytical Customer Relationship Management/customer intelligence (i.e., using data-mining techniques to uncover Knowledge in Databases (KDD)), as well as market/marketing research. This high-quality degree is offered at the low price of 611 EUR ≈ 815 USD (i.e., regular full-year admission fee... READ MORE
  • Degree Masters
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 12 months
  • Start Date October
  • Tuition Fees 611 EUR
Modules (4)
  • Core Content:Acquisition
  • Cross/up-selling (profitable usage stimulation)
  • Retention (identifying customers who intend to attrite/...
  • Recapturing lost customers
Entry requirements
  • Other : All prospective students should start by sending the information form to (click here to download this form). This is an 'ADVANCED MASTER' degree. This means that applicants should have obtained both a bachelor and master degree BEFORE applying to this advanced program (alternatively, graduates from a 4-year bachelor degree may also apply).

    Starting 2015, all applicants must take a test about a book titled "Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics" by Lind et al. (16th Edition): Click here for more information on the exact procedure. See here for your login. Taking a GMAT test is no longer required.
    Candidates with a Flemish degree: Students with a university degree (2nd cycle) (higher education of minimum 4 years of study).

    Candidates meeting this requirement are invited to take an admission test, the purpose of which is to determine the knowledge of marketing and marketing research on the one hand and of quantitative skills on the other hand. (Partial) exemption of this admission test can be offered if, on the base of the curriculum, the individual seems to be familiar with these basics.
    Candidates with a non-Flemish degree: After taking the online test of the McGraw-Hill book "Statistical Techniques in Business and Economics" (16th Edition), students have to take an admission test. THIS ADMISSION TEST IS A SERIOUS TEST.
    This entrance exam consists of three parts: (1) test of English (reading comprehension, vocabulary, ...), (2) Marketing, (3) Marketing Research. Given the low acceptance rate (about 7 % during admission procedure of 2003-2004) candidates will have to thoroughly STUDY: (1) Kotler (2005 or later edition), Marketing Management, Prentice-Hall (ISBN: 0-13-145757-8), (2) Iacobucci D. and Churchill G.A. (2010), Marketing Research: Methodological Foundations, 10th edition, South-Western Cengage Learning (ISBN-10: 0-538-74377-8, ISBN-13: 978-0-538-74377-8). These books can be obtained in any good bookstore throughout the world, or are available from online bookstores (e.g. Among this list of books, the Churchill & Iacobucci (2004) book is the MOST IMPORTANT one. We will organize a date for your admission test upon your request. This ensures maximum flexibility to find a date that suits you. The test is a written procedure (with some optional oral questions). The full test, covering all aspects, will take about 4 hours. If you receive exemptions for certain parts of the tests, it will of course be shorter.