Today's companies are confronted with an increasingly complex economy. Their markets are extending far beyond national borders. Commerce - both online and on-site - is carried out on a global scale. Technology is evolving faster than ever. As products and services become increasingly complex, others become obsolete. Consumers, whether in the market for household products, a new smartphone or financial advice, demand quick and customised service at a fair price. Today's MBA student must be able to foresee and respond to these and other issues. The Master of Business Administration (MBA) is a... READ MORE
  • Degree MBA
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 12 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 600 EUR
Modules (29)
  • Strategy & Business Science
  • Economics And International Business
  • Master’s thesis research proposal
  • Master’s thesis
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Human Behaviour, Law And Society
  • International Business Management:Business Process and ...
  • Tax and Corporate Policy
  • Family Businesses
  • International Management
  • Current Topics in International Marketing
  • Strategic Management: Organisational Learning and Devel...
  • Strategic Management: Execution and Control
  • Strategic Decision Making
  • Stakeholders and Governance
  • Entrepreneurship and Policy
  • Business Information Management:Systems Development & E...
  • ICT Strategy & Architecture
  • Business Intelligence Methods
  • ERP & Business Process Modelling
  • ICT Governance and Operational Management
  • Design of a Business Information System (project)
  • International Relations:International Management
  • International Trade Policy
  • International Monetary Policy
  • Applied European Policy 5
  • Exchange Risk Management
  • International Business and Strategy 5
  • Socio-economic Geography
Entry requirements
  • IELTS : 7 - The minimum score for IELTS is 7,
  • TOEFL : 90 - TOEFL internet based test it is 90
  • Other : Admission requirements for students with a degree issued by an institute of the Flemish community
    Direct access:
    o Bachelor of Commercial Sciences
    o Bachelor of Business Administration
    o Master of Business Economics
    o Master of Economics
    o Bachelor of Commercial Engineering

    After a bridging programme:
    o Professional Bachelor's degrees from the field of study of Commercial Sciences and Management
    o Professional Bachelor's degree in education: secondary education (with mathematics and economics as optional subjects)

    After a preparatory programme:
    o Bachelor of Business Economics
    o Bachelor of Economics
    o Bachelor of Business Economics: Business Engineering
    o Bachelor of Business Economics: Information Systems Engineering

    Applicants who have a bachelor's degree that was not issued by an institute of the Flemish Community, must apply for admission first. All relevant information is available through
    Next to the core and additional documents that are requested through the above-mentioned link, applicants should submit course descriptions for all quantitative courses they have followed during their prior studies (mathematics, statistics, econometrics, etc).
    On the basis of the application file, a motivated decision will be taken on the equivalence of the applicant's degree with one of the above-mentioned qualifications.
    Applicants must prove their English language proficiency by means of a TOEFL or IELTS test. The minimum score for IELTS is 7, for the TOEFL internet based test it is 90. Students who obtained their degree in a country belonging to the Inner Circle (Australia, English speaking Canada, the Caribbean Islands, Ireland, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, the United States of America) are exempted from this requirement.

    For admission to the degree programme or course units of the degree programme, the applicant must have a learning account higher than zero.
  • Degree MBA
  • Study Type Full-time
  • Study Length 12 months
  • Start Date September
  • Tuition Fees 600 EUR